About CyCon

Throughout the years, the annual International Conference on Cyber Conflict, CyCon, organised by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE), has established itself as a major multidisciplinary conference on the technical, legal, policy, strategy and military perspectives of cyber defence and security. In just over a decade, CyCon has also become a community-building event for cyber security professionals, drawing over 600 participants each spring to the Estonian capital Tallinn. CyCon proceedings are sponsored by the IEEE, ensuring the academic online publication and the standards of the research. CCDCOE produces hard copies of the proceedings and the articles will also be published on the Centre’s website.

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The NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) is a NATO-accredited hub of knowledge that takes a distinctive interdisciplinary approach to the most relevant issues in cyberspace. At its core, the CCDCOE is staffed by a diverse array of international experts from military, governmental, academic, and industrial backgrounds, representing 39 like-minded nations from all across the globe.

The CCDCOE stands as a leading authority on cyber defence-related matters, offering invaluable expertise in strategic, legal, operational and technical realms. It serves as a beacon of innovative thought in all facets of cyber defence, providing a comprehensive perspective on the field. The CCDCOE encourages and supports the process of mainstreaming cyber defence into NATO and national governance and capability, within its closely connected focus areas of technology, strategy, operations, and law.

The Tallinn Manual, developed at the invitation of CCDCOE, serves as the most comprehensive guide for legal experts and policy advisors on the application of international law to cyber operations involving states and non-state entities. The CCDCOE also co-produces the Cyber Law Toolkit – an interactive tool for all those working at or interested in the intersection of cyber operations and public international law.

Since 2010, the CCDCOE has organised exercise Locked Shields, recognised as the largest and most complex live-fire technical cyber resilience exercise in the world. Every year, cybersecurity professionals take part in Locked Shields to refine their abilities in safeguarding national IT systems and critical infrastructure amidst real-time cyberattacks. The exercise is designed around realistic scenarios, cutting-edge technologies, and the simulation of a comprehensive cyber incident, encompassing strategic decision-making, legal considerations and communication strategies.

The CCDCOE hosts the International Conference on Cyber Conflict, known as CyCon. This unique event has taken place each year in May in Tallinn since 2009. CyCon brings together prominent experts and decision-makers from the global cyber defence community, attracting over 600 attendees from Governments, industry and academia.

The CCDCOE is responsible for identifying and coordinating education and training solutions in the field of cyber defence operations for all NATO bodies across the Alliance.

NATO-accredited centres of excellence are not part of the NATO Command Structure.

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